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How to Create a Classy Bar for Your Custom Limo

Stocking a Bar for a Custom Limo

Custom Limo With Bar

One of the most important aspects of a custom limo is the bar. Whether it’s for a wedding, an awards show, or some other celebration, riders will expect a stocked bar for their ride. You can really set your custom limo from Executive Coach Builders apart by making your bar stunning and unique. There are several ways to take your bar to the next level. Read our blog for some of these methods and contact Executive Coach Builders for more information on our limousines.

Fully Stocked

Obviously, you’ll want to keep your bar fully stocked, but you should consider the types of drinks you want to supply. For higher level and more expensive events, you’ll want to stock top-shelf liquors. If your customers want a bit lower of a price level, you can provide them with less expensive liquors. You may also want to consider including a blender and other mixology tools, so riders can make the drinks they want. You’ll need to stock it with plenty of mixers such as soda and tonic water as well. If the limo is for an event like prom, stock the fridge with juices, soda, water, and energy drinks since the riders will be minors.

The Aesthetic

The aesthetic of your bar is almost as important as what’s in it. You’ll want to base the aesthetic of your bar on the aesthetic of your custom limo. The bar should match the interior of the rest of the limo so it doesn't look out of place. Next, you’ll want to decide on the design flourishes you want to integrate into the build. This includes fixtures such as mirrors, lighting, and glassware. You can also have TV monitors integrated into the design of the bar to give it some extra flair. There are a number of ways you can customize your bar, so consult with your representative at Executive Coach Builders to make the best decision for your custom limo design.

Let Executive Coach Builders Get You the Perfect Custom Limo

Your bar isn’t the only aspect of your limo that you can fully customize. We can create you the perfect limo for your wants and needs. Executive Coach Builders specializes in custom limos, Sprinter vans, and buses. When you buy a custom limo with Executive Coach Builders you can expect superior quality and customer service. Contact us today or view our website for more information. We look forward to creating the vehicle of your dreams.

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