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Custom Limo Hall of Fame: The Presidential Limo

Unique Custom Limo Builds: The President’s Limo

Custom Limo for the President

When it comes to unique custom limos, you don’t get much more customized than the President’s limo. Nicknamed “The Beast” the custom limo that transports the President of the United States is specially designed to make the President arrives safely and in style. Today we’ll take a look at some of the features that make this custom limo so special.

It’s Called “The Beast” for a Reason

This custom limo is very heavily armored. A variety of safety precautions has been put in place to ensure the safety of the President. A thick layer of armor plating covers every inch of the vehicle. All the windows are bulletproofed with classified technology. The tires are reinforced with Kevlar and the wheels are made of steel. In the case of a blowout, the vehicle will continue to drive. An insulated foam surrounds the fuel tank, which means it won’t explode. There’s also a steel plate that runs along the bottom of the car to protect passengers from bombs or grenades. Finally, the entire vehicle is sealed to keep the president safe from chemical attacks. If you ride in “The Beast” you can rest assured that you’re very safe.

Ready for Anything

The Beast is also equipped with plenty of equipment in case of emergency. Tear gas cannons are contained in the front of the car. The trunk is loaded with firefighting equipment, oxygen tanks, and a supply of the President’s blood type. There are also said to be weapons contained in the vehicle, even integrated into the build, but again this information is classified.

The Driver is No Ordinary Chauffeur

The driver of The Beast is trained to handle crisis situations. All drivers of The Beast must undergo training that will teach them emergency maneuvers and police evasion techniques. This makes sure they can get the President away safely from a bad situation.

It’s Not Exactly Fuel Efficient

The Beast uses diesel as it’s fuel source, but it still only gets about 8mpg. Diesel has less risk of exploding than gasoline. The fuel efficiency is definitely understandable, though. The Beast is said to be 20,000 lbs. The weight is also classified, but that’s still a lot of vehicle to move.

Contact Executive Coach Builders for Your Custom Limo

Although we can’t build a custom limo for the President, we can certainly make one that suits your needs. Here at Executive Coach Builders, we have offer customized limos, Sprinter vans, and buses. We’ll work with you to create the perfect vehicle for you. Contact us today or view our website for more information.

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