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Music Matters in Your Custom Limo

The Importance of Music in Your Custom Limo

In our previous blog, we talked about what makes riding in a custom limo, or even just a regular limousine, a special experience. The Executive Coach Builders experts like to think about every aspect of that limo experience and like to get excited about the technical stuff that goes into it, or about the appearance, or the elegance, or the luxury. There’s a simple factor that’s easy to overlook—the music. Having a good sound system is essential, even if you don’t know it yet. We want to take a look at how music can make your custom limo cruise even better.

The Universal Love of Music Almost everyone loves music. Even if you’re not on expert on naming bands and artists—even if you don’t have an extensive, carefully alphabetized collection of mp3s, CDs, or even old school vinyl records—you probably still enjoy it when you hear music on the radio, at a club, or in a movie. The infectiousness of a good tune is practically impossible to resist, and it’s something people have been passionate about since humans were able to communicate with each other.

The Way Music Affects Us The reason nearly all of us have this affinity for audio is because of the deeply-felt effects it has on us. The right upbeat tune can make your day even better, a classic can take you back years, and a melancholy melody can be devastating or, if you time it right, cathartic. The depth and breadth of music’s impact on us comes from a huge number of different physical responses we have to it. Moderate background music, for example, can help boost creativity by being mildly distracting, which helps encourage abstract thinking. Hearing music that’s happy or sad when we see a neutral face can change how we interpret that person’s relatively blank expression. Learning an instrument improves motor and mental abilities, while fitness buffs find encouragement in the music that drives them on their run or cycle or when they’re lifting weights at the gym. Some studies have shown that music can even have amazing health benefits—reducing blood pressure, helping in stroke recovery, and even offering pain relief. The Way Music Affects a Custom Limo Ride

When you take this immense power that music holds on the road, you can see why it has so much potential to add to your experience. Think about special occasions from your own life - how many of them do you associate with a song? Maybe it’s a first date, a proposal, a wedding, or maybe it’s just a memorable night out or party. Now imagine hearing that song on a ride in a custom limo, without that special someone or that same group of friends. The right music will impact a person’s perception of a situation, so throwing a party in a custom limo with exactly the right kind of soundtrack helps to create an unforgettable experience. In the same way, you can use music in your limousine to help you and your fellow passengers relax. Low-level, calm music doesn’t just help you unwind, but it’ll also help conversation through improving everyone’s mood. Executive Coach Builders and Musical Enhancements

The power of music over us really is incredible, but it’s important to have the right equipment. If music means a lot to you, then hearing it through tinny, cheap speakers, or an improperly attenuated subwoofer can be a painful experience. From sparkling highs to warm, rumbling lows, music should be clear and undistorted at any level while you kick back in your custom ride. This means knowing where to best play the speakers and why, what equipment to use, even what bitrate to have your music files. Executive Coach Builders’ professional team knows how important it is to create the right atmosphere with music and how much of that comes from music that sounds as good as it’s supposed to. If you want your custom limos to have that extra atmosphere, contact us today.

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